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VisasQ Launches Web Survey Service for China – Partnership with a major Chinese firm, enabling VisasQ to provide the web survey from a panel of 300,000 Chinese experts

Start providing the web survey from a panel of over 750,000 experts in Japan and overseas
The Company operates a global knowledge platform with the mission of “Connecting Insights and Aspirations Across the Globe”. We provide a variety of services that connect insights of individuals with companies for purposes such as new business development, DX promotion, and business efficiency improvement.
Through the partnership with BCC , we have added approximately 300,000 Chinese experts to our survey panel.

The industry affiliations of the experts registered with BCC cover all major industries and associated departments and operations, including the manufacturing industry (approximately 40%).

With the acquisition of Coleman Research Group in November last year, our expert database has expanded outside Japan, enabling us to conduct surveys globally. Now, through the alliance with BCC, our web survey service will also include a panel of Chinese experts registered with BCC.
Japanese companies will be able to obtain valuable information and insights not only from Japan, but also from other regions, such as China, Europe, and the United States, when companies engage in innovation such as new business development, product development, and research and development.

Comments from Panasonic, who conducted the web survey with Chinese experts
“Due to the impact of Covid-19, it has become difficult to visit customers directly and ask them about the usage of our products and their issues as we used to do in the past, and due to this, we have been lacking information to back up our in-house product development.
For this project, we conducted a survey with 30 Chinese experts through the “VisasQ expert survey”. We were able to select experts in advance and were very satisfied to be able to collect valuable feedback in a short period of time from customers we wanted to talk to.
We feel that we have been able to broaden the scope of our information and improve the quality of our research by surveying a group of people that we would not have had the opportunity to talk to on our own.
We plan to use the information obtained through this survey to analyze trends among overseas customers and utilize it for future product development.“

Usage flow
Our customer service team is responsible for supporting the “VisasQ expert survey”, from selecting experts, designing the survey, to creating and delivering the report.

Request: Please give us an outline of your research.

Feasibility of completing request (2 days or more): We will check whether or not the target experts can be gathered, and decide whether or not to conduct the survey.

Survey design (3-7 days): Please submit your questions using the template. If you need assistance, our dedicated staff will assist you in designing questions.

Price quotation (2~3 days): A price estimate will be issued after the number of respondents and the number of questions are confirmed.

Translation of questions (3 days): Translate questions if required.
*Translation fee will be charged separately.

Survey collection (about 2 weeks): We will create the survey. The survey will be sent once you check it. *The collection period may vary depending on the niche of the project.

Delivery: Once the survey is completed, we will deliver the responses to you. *We also have the option of producing a report upon request.

The fee for 10 questions for 10 experts (including the cost of translating the questions) starts from approximately JPY700k~.
*This is an example. The price will be quoted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the experts, the number of questions, and the amount of translation.

What we aim to achieve through this partnership
With the strength of our global knowledge platform, we aim to contribute to innovation around the world by connecting insights and information with companies. Through the collaboration with BCC, we will further expand the scope of our global knowledge database and enable access to insights that were previously thought to be inaccessible.

【For inquiries regarding this partnership】
VisasQ inc., VisasQ expert survey manager

▪VisasQ Inc.
With our mission of “Connecting Insights and Aspirations Across the Globe”, VisasQ operates a knowledge platform that promotes innovation across the globe. By utilizing our knowledge database of over 450,000 experts in Japan and abroad, we match individual expertise through technology and our extensive operations to help solve a range of challenges such as research on industries or needs in new business development, human resource development, and global business expansion. VisasQ was awarded the “Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500” in 2019 and 2020 consecutively. VisasQ became a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 10, 2020.

Company Name: VisasQ Inc.
Headquarter: Sumitomo Fudosan Aobadai Hills 9F-10F; 4-7-7 Aobadai, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153-0042
Established: March 19, 2012
Representative: Eiko Hashiba, CEO
Business Description: One of the largest(*) business knowledge platform in Japan. VisasQ also provides project-based support in new business and organization development (*by the number of registered experts, 450,000+ as of January 2022)
Security Code: 4490 (TSE Mothers)

▪For media inquiries regarding this news release
VisasQ PR

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