VisasQ Compliance Policies

Our mission is to unleash the value of individual expertises by connecting them to the needs of other businesses across industries. In order to achieve the above, we are committed to the highest standards of compliance. Use of our spot consultation should never infringe our experts’ interests nor our clients’ business. Our compliance policies are designed to help experts manage conflicts and to protect our clients’ interests.

Protecting expert’s interests

  • Terms and Conditions agreed between VisasQ and our corporate client who use our Concierge Service (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) clearly state that experts’ rights should be fully protected. This includes that information obtained through spot consultations is not shared with third parties without prior consent from experts, and that there is no relationships between Client and antisocial forces. experts are not forced to provide information if Client demands to violate such rules, and should immediately inform us in that case. We shall conduct appropriate investigations and compensate for the advisory role.
  • We ensure that there is no conflict of interests between Client and expert’s current employer. If the Client is a consulting firm, we ensure that there is no conflict with their end client as well. Similarly, we offer a free messaging system in our Web matching service (hereinafter referred to as “Web Matching”) , so that Client can directly communicate with expert candidates and exchange information prior to providing consultation.
  • When our concierge team proposes expert candidates to Client, we will not provide information that enables to identify the expert individually (such as names, email addresses, or telephone numbers,) without prior consent.
  • Personal information we receive is managed under appropriate security. Our employees who handle personal information are required to take training for this purpose.

Protecting Client’s interests

  • Our terms and conditions agreed by our experts prior to consultation is designed to protect our Client’s interest. For example, it states:
    not to provide confidential information that violates internal regulations or other agreements,
    to ensure that expert has no relationship with antisocial forces,
    not to provide information obtained through communications with Client to third parties
  • When our concierge team provides matching support, clients can first ask questions to the expert candidates to gauge the qualifications for the expert role. If our clients elect to use Web Matching, they can use the free messaging and ask questions to expert candidates to gauge the qualifications for the expert role before fees being charged.
  • When our concierge team provides matching support, Clients can request detailed conditions upon expert search. For example, if the client is an investment company, client can request to exclude person who currently work for the investment target company or have left the investment target company within the last 12 months from expert candidates. It is also possible to check in advance that the expert candidate does not have material non-public information, or provide necessary information for preliminary screening to a Client’s compliance division prior to consultation with an expert.
  • When our concierge team provides matching support, we exclude occupations that secondary employment is prohibited by law upon proposing expert candidates. When we are informed by a company that prohibits secondary employment, we exclude their employees from the expert candidates.
  • We carefully handle information we receive from Client using a highly secure network system with restricted access which requires periodic passwords changes.
  • When our concierge team provides matching support, if Client wishes not to disclose Client’s name due to the nature of the request (i.e. to eliminate arbitrariness in user interviews or not to disclose investment target companies at investment companies), our concierge team will make all arrangements from potential expert search to setting the interview anonymously, after we confirm that such request will not cause detriment to expert.

Rules to be complied by experts (message to experts)

VisasQ’s Terms of Use sets important rules that must be complied upon providing consultation services. These rules protect interests of both experts and clients and are in place so that appropriate spot consultations can be provided. Careful consideration should be given to the following items in particular:

  • VisasQ consultation requests are based on career data and experience card, etc., all provided by experts. Please be responsible for accuracy and recency for all information you provide.
  • You must comply with all confidentiality duties (including duties based on internal rules) related to the company you work for or any other third party, when accepting requests as expert. The above applies to information disclosure to our staff or other VisasQ users.
  • You must not disclose material non-public information you possess for any reason. When you receive material non-public information through the consultation process, please be noted that trading public securities based on material non-public information can be regarded as insider trading and shall be severely punished by law.
  • Engaging in acts that avoid paying VisasQ commission, such as circumventing our website and directly communicate with Client and provide consultation outside our service without our prior consent, is prohibited.


Please contact if you have any other questions or concerns.

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