VisasQ, under service brands of “VisasQ” and “Coleman”, operates a global knowledge sharing platform
that matches the knowledge of more than 600,000 people in 190 countries under the mission of
connecting insights with opportunities.

Global ENS

This service can be used by consulting firms and financial institutions for market and industry research, due diligence research for investments, and other purposes. We provide fast and accurate services to global professional firms.

※ENS=Expert Network Service

  • Quickly gather real information from the industry and job marketInterview
  • Online surveys specializing in the BtoB domainOnline surveys
    Online surveys
  • Q&A with text answers from at least five experts within 24 hoursText response
    Text response

Platform for Japan Corporates

In response to the diverse needs of business companies, we offer a variety of spot consulting services, including interviews, online surveys, and other research support, as well as introductions to experts who can provide mid- to-long term support.
Our clients use our services to study new businesses, explore the potential for technological development, and investigate best practices for organizational development.

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